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auction BMW 750I Auto Broker 1800autobroker.comAuction Day for a BMW 750I

Thurs, May 14, 2009, was a very ordinary day to most people.  But to 1800Auto it was a very important day.  Today a client will purchase a 2006  BMW 750I for the price that she wants to spend, not the price the dealer wants to sell it for.

Five 0’clock in the morning prepares to go and find this BMW.  The weather turns out to be great.  the drive to the auction is uneventful.  But what is to follow is an action filled day.

There are over 40 BMW’s to chose from.    The bidding starts.  The client doesn’t want to go over  $27,000.  Several cars go at over $27,000.  The client now realizes that she will get a good deal, however, she now realizes that a good deal is not a license to steal.

The momentum increases.  The client has missed several good buys and decides to increase her bid to $33,000.  She has missed the BMW’s that she had her heart set on.

Then a gorgeous Black 2006 750I materializes.  The bid is hitting a frenzy the price is now at $26,500 and the gravel drops SOLD FOR $26.500.

BMW Heaven

Cheers go up, the client is ecstatic.  With tax, tags and commissions she now is a proud owner of a 2006 Black BMW 750I for the grand total of $28, 986.  The MRSP on this car is $35,000.  You do the math. can’t promise you the same results, but we can promise you a good deal.  Go to our website and complete our form and let us find the car that you want, at the price that you want, with great customer services.

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