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Montgomery County Maryland 1800 Auto Broker Welcomes you to our website.We have help the residents of the state of Maryland and all the surrounding area, Washington DC, Fort Washington, Northern VA, Southern Maryland and beyond.    We promised to get you the best deal, on the best vehicle offering you the best customer service in town.

We closed out the year of 2009 with a 2002 X5 BMW at $14,000.  This vehicle had a retail value of $20,000.  If you are interested in this type of deal … 1800AutoBroker.com is the place to go.  Click on Find My Car and contact us today!

2002 X5 BMW

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What is the “Kelley Blue Book” Price?

You’re looking to buy a Car. You find one at a nearby dealership, and you know how much the dealership is offering to sell it for — its “listing price.”

You’d like your auto broker to help you figure out what that car is “really worth” — what a fair price would be for that particular car. So you ask your auto broker to research what similar cars have sold for recently within your area.

Suppose your broker came back and said, “Here is a list of comparable cars, and what their listing prices were.” “Well,” you respond, “That is mildly interesting, but what I need to know is what they sold for. Most likely none of those dealerships got their asking price. Only if I know the actual transaction prices for the other cars will I have some idea of what a fair price is for the car I want.”

This concept may seem self-evident. But if it is, why do consumers forget all about it when they go shopping for a used car? Here is what frequently happens.


Always Wanted a Cadillac

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Waldorf Md Auto Wholesalers – Saving you thousands – Below Kelly Blue Book

Are You In Need Of An Auto Broker or an Auto Wholesaler in Waldorf, Charles County, White Plains,LaPlata and surrounding areas ? ?

Here at Waldorf Auto Brokers/Wholesalers we pride ourselves on the fact we can provide you with your automobile purchase.

We are established in the area and we are happy to be able to offer this much needed service of auto broker or auto wholesaler in Waldorf, Charles County, White Plains,LaPlata and surrounding areas that you are looking for.

Waldorf MD Auto Wholesalers is dedicated to saving you money. In today’s tough economy, our needs and wants are still important to us. We are the auto brokers that care. From Volkswagens to Bentleys, we work to get you the best deal around.

We are happy to work with any reputable financing company to complete your purchase, including both Bank financing and Credit Unions.

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